"Bad Children go to The Bad Place." This refrain was common many years ago when Nightfall Orphanage still stood. Many in the community thought it was merely an archaic form of discipline for unruly children, until they began to realize...that all the children were bad.

Mr. Black invites you to step back into the Bad Place, a gateway into the phantasmagoric realm of The Radiant Twilight that exists in the shadows between worlds. The radiant abyss where spectral echoes of what once was, and what should not be, materialize and take shape.

They burned Nightfall Orphanage to the ground years ago...But sometimes evil rises from the ashes, some echoes never really fade, and some shadows never see the light.


Covid-19 Safety

  • Guests are required to wear masks through out the entire event

  • Hand sanitizer stations at beginning and end

  • Maintain Social Distancing, even outside the event

  • Disinfecting and cleaning at the end of each night

  • We ask that all guests be vaccinated against Covid-19 for the safety of other guests and the community

  • Do not attend if you have Covid/Flu like symptoms

  • Nightfall Orphanage is built as an outdoor event





Nightfall Orphanage may be too intense for some younger children. Parental Consideration  is advised.


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2130 Alki Ave SW


Friday & Saturdays Oct 29,30
7pm -10pm
October 31 Halloween
6:30pm - 11pm
Admission is free

Donations Accepted.

Nightfall Orphanage is accepting non-perishable food items for West Seattle Food Bank. For a complete list of acceptable items please visit https://westseattlefoodbank.org/donate-food/

In addition, you can donate funds by using QR codes displayed at Nightfall Orphanage, or directly to their website.
Nightfall Orphanage is accepting  donations for Washington's National Park Fund. You can donate directly at wnpf.org or by using QR codes displayed at Nightfall Orphanage.
Nightfall Orphanage is a neighborhood haunt for the local community and accepts donations for community-based charities. All our welcome but please be respectful of the community and neighbors.
Small but awesome, Nightfall Orphanage makes a perfect Halloween appetizer before going to  Georgetown Morgue. Which he highly recommend.


History & Rumor

Fredrick Nightfall, just before the winfall success of his shipping company

Fredrick Nightfall


Born the only child of poor Norwegian immigrants Bjorn and Torill Kvelden, (Anglicized as “Nightfall”) Fredrick was unlikely to ever join the small class of rich elite industrialists that powered the nations growth. But when an uncanny series of accidents laid waste to several of a competitors best ships, Nightfall was able to step in with his small shipping company and fill the void. Soon he had put his competition out of business and was well on his way to becoming one of the largest shippers in the country.

Nightfall  Shipping Empire


Despite being known as an odd man who dabbled in the occult (as did many industrialist of the era) Fredrick was able to secure the hand of Margaret Holmes of Virginia, whose dowry helped exponentially expand the Nightfall Empire. It was an open secret in social circles that Margaret was unhappy in her marriage and suffered from severe melancholia, but she still did her duty and gave birth to Fredricks heirs, fraternal twins Aldus Emmet and Rose Elise Nightfall. With his company continuing to dominate the industry and the birth of his children, Fredrick Nightfall had risen out of the poverty of his birth, and claimed a success so seemingly unnatural, rumors abounded that it had come by way of some dark supernatural pact.

Old fashioned light kerosene lantern sty
Underground mine tunnel, mining industry

Orr Mining Co. & Gotten-Hemmel Metal Works


Secret societies were a staple of industry magnates and men of wealth, and Fredrick Nightfall was no different. He was inducted into and rose to the Rank of 4th degree Magistrate Magus of The Order of the Eastern Sky, a fraternal organization who focused on mysticism and the occult. It was here that he met Benedict Orr, Jurgen Gotten and Heinrich Hemmel. Benedict Orr had been a farmer whose crops had failed for many seasons but whose fortunes changed dramatically when he found rich copper veins on his land and founded the Orr Mining Company and Orr Town. Jurgen Gotten and Heinrich Hemmel were steel magnates whose business had grown surprisingly fast as equipment malfunctions, strange metal impurities, and lost shipments plagued their competition. Combining their means and power, the four men became well known as implacable titans of industry whose rivals and foes rarely fared well against them.

The Secret Order of the Eastern Sky


The secrets of The Order of the Eastern Sky have been well kept, and only bits and pieces of information are available about their rituals, tomes, and influences. It is rumored that Fredrick Nightfall had achieved the highest rank in the organization; A 33rd degree Magus of the Amaranthine Nightwind. Together with his compatriots Orr, Gotten and Hemmel, he formed an elite cadre within the Order, made up of the most influential members, as well as those who possessed the strongest affinities for magicks and alchemy. They called this The Circle of Dusk. Among its many interests and focuses, the Dusk Circle (as it was also known) delved deeply into meanings, symbols, and rites laid forth in the Orders great tome: The Codex Malificarium.

"As above so Below!

As was done, now be Undone!

As was dead, be Alive Forevermore!"

"Let my Tongue be cut so that I may never speak

My Eyes be torn out so that I may never see

My Ears be cut off so that I may never here

My Hands be severed so that I may never write

My Feet be hobbled so that I may never run

Should I ever betray the Sacred Rites or Secret Rituals

Hail Bathuzel! The Old One! Threshold of the Eastern Sky!"

- Rumored to be parts of a rite of the Order of the Eastern Sky

Scary figure with mask in hooded cloak in the dark.jpg
Mystery people in a red hooded cloaks in the dark. Hiding face in shadow. Pointing up with
Close up of magic book with golden cover and marine monster image. Mystic still life with

Codex Malificarium


"A Crown of 3 stars shall I lay,

Before the Light is torn asunder

For Lo, I have seen the Night swallow day

And it is Dark and full of Wonder"

- From a torn page speculated to be the Codex Malificarium

What little has been revealed of the Eastern Sky's Great Tome, has been mostly in torn pages secreted out by an anonymous traitor, and from a badly burnt book found in the ashes of Nightfall Orphanage rumored to be the Codex Malificarium. 

Many believe the book was passed on from Fredrick to his children, who then, armed with the knowledge of the Circle of Dusk, unlocked more of its mysteries and power. If the book found in the ashes of the orphanage was truly the codex, then it is likely that many of the incantations, rituals and summoning, was performed there.

Rose Elise & Aldus Emmet Nightfall


Some power comes with a price. Margarets chronic melancholia got worse, and she was given to mad ravings about creatures roaming the Nightfall Manor, and that her own children were somehow “Unnatural.” She soon moved to her own wing of the mansion. The years took their toll on Fredrick as well, and his increasingly frail state confined him to a wheelchair. During this time he confided in servants and close friends that he was “cursed” and invested heavily in mediums, spiritualists, psychics, and demonologists. Whether true or not, nothing could improve his health, and he died of a fractured skull after a fall from the stairs. His wife ranted that his own children had killed him, a claim she maintained for the rest of her days. However, at the time of his death, his children were now grown and living abroad. They soon returned and inherited the Nightfall empire and all its spoils. Many rumors circulated concerning the twin Nightfall heirs; stories of odd gatherings at the manor, mysterious deaths of servants, and their naturally odd manner. But given their generosity in matters of philanthropy and charity, most of these rumors were dismissed.

An old picture of Aldus Emmet Nightfall
1800s Antique photograph of Rose Elise Nightfall
photo of abandoned Nighfall Asylum for the insane and melancholy

Nightfall Manor & Nightfall Asylum


Rose and Aldus Nightfall became as well known for their generosity and charity work as they did for their odd ways and strange behavior. They moved back into their childhood home Nightfall Manor, having inherited it and the lands it stood on after their father's death. Servants came and went, many claiming that the manor itself was cursed, which did not help ongoing rumors about the Nightfall family. But Rose and Aldus Nightfall continued to serve the community even as it whispered behind their backs, and eventually opened The Nightfall Asylum for the Insane and Melancholy. Its first patient was their mother, Margaret. Though it had an ever increasing number of patients, and boasted the newest and best practices, it was noted that no patient was ever cured. Indeed, in its history, not one patient was ever discharged from Nightfall Asylum.

Nightfall Orphanage


Continuing with their charity work, Aldus and Rose Nightfall opened the Nightfall Orphanage, which they would run themselves, and promised love and care to those children who had none. Initially their continued generosity was celebrated, but soon people began to question the goings on at the Orphanage. The children, some would say, were as peculiar as the Nightfalls themselves. The rumors about the Nightfalls persisted, and met with new whispers of everything from child abuse, to dark rituals, to the orphans being supernatural themselves. Spats of disappearances in the area did nothing to help. People reported seeing a kid in a bowler hat before the disappearances, and it became a rumor that he was a harbinger of some dark fate.  There was growing concern about the orphanages' “Bad Place." Anger and fear in the community eventually boiled over, and one night a mob arrived with torches, and set fire to the Nightfall Orphanage. The home burned to the ground, presumably with all its inhabitants still inside, however no bodies were ever found. As the Orphanage burned into the night, many reported hearing not screams or cries for help, but the sounds of children laughing. Several people claimed that entwined with the roaring sounds of fire, “as if on the wind,” they heard children playing Ring Around the Rosy and singing "Ashes, ashes" as the Nightfall Orphanage burned down.

old family photo. parents with five chil
The destroyed building, the burned remains of Nightfall Orphanage
Smoke skull.jpg

The Bad Place


“Bad children go to that bad place” was a warning parents still gave to their misbehaving children years after the Nightfall Orphanage was burned to the ground. When word of its existence had first reached people's ears, most thought it just a disciplinary implement for unruly children, if perhaps a little overbearing. But as time went on, and whispered warnings in the day turned to distant screams in the night, people began believing that The Bad Place was something different all together. All the children are bad, some people would say pointing their fingers when someone else was discovered missing after a dark night, or when someone else had reported seeing what became known as “the child in the bowler hat” lurking in the dark shadows of the town. Bad children going to the bad place, was not perhaps so much a disciplinary action, as it was an invitation…and requirement for entry. In the days leading to the fire, townspeople openly talked about dark rituals made, and dark beings being called. The most pervasive of these rumors, was about someone or something, the children would reverently refer to as “Mr. Giggles.”

Mr. Giggles


Although the mystery of who or what Mr. Giggles actually was has never been discovered, it was commonly said that he was some sort of demonic benefactor to the children of the Orphanage. Many believed that sightings of the so-called "Bowler Hat Kid" were related somehow, or that people who went missing during these sightings, were used in rituals to summon Mr. Giggles. Writing and illustrative fragments from the ruins of Nightfall Orphanage indeed point to some kind of creature, though it was speculated that he could assume multiple shapes and seemed to do so at the Nightfall children's delight.

Buffalo head close up.jpg
Spooky Halloween dead mysterious forest creepy trees with twisted roots and two lizard on
strange silhouette in a dark spooky forest at night, mystical landscape surreal lights wit

The Radiant Twilight


What remains of the Codex Malificarium found in the ashes of Nightfall Orphanage, speaks often of The Radiant Twilight. It is a place, it proclaims, between worlds, alternately describing it as the hallway between rooms, the space between the walls, the room behind the door, and the moment before Dusk and before the Dawn. It is a place behind the veil, where echos of what has been, and nightmares that should never be take shape.

Some say the "Bad Place" is a gateway to this Radiant Twilight, and it is during October, when the veil grows thin enough that the memories and echos of Nightfall Orphanage re-emerge on our mortal plane in a sort of half-reality.

The Radiant Twilight is apparently also a place of uneasy balance. According to the Codex, there are 9 watchtowers and 9 opposite lighthouses that help to keep this balance, sometimes in truce, often in war. It makes one mention in what has been preserved of the codex of an opposing realm translated as "The Bastion."

Acquitted Surrealist Anthropologist Dr. Beth Gilmore explains in her book, "The Secrets of the Eastern Sky" that "It would be inaccurate to say that the Radiant Twilight, also sometimes referred to as The Dark Reach, is neither good nor evil. It would be far more accurate to say The Radiant Twilight is BOTH good and evil, co-existing at the same time like two quantum Ron Silvers*."

Only some of the information of the Watchtowers has been gleaned from the burnt book;

The Sixth of these places is The Watchtower of Disgrace, which presides over the domains of vengeance, ridicule and humiliation. The Custodian of the Watchtower of Disgrace is a being, perhaps demonic in nature, called Ithroot, The Infester, Baron of Flies. It is thought by some that this is the true name of the creature the children refer to as "Mr. Giggles" and that he was summoned by them, appearing in a form that would please them.

Mentioned here is the opposite of this Watchtower, the Reverent Lighthouse, but it says nothing more.

Little is left available in the charred tome on the  7th and 8th Watchtowers, other than the Custodians are infernal twins Vazinath, Herald of Dusk, and Xothtamal, Bane of the Dawn.

The 9th and final Watchtower, which seems to have dominion over all others, has as its Custodian a Great Being heralded as Bathuzel, the Old One, Threshold of the Eastern Sky.

*No one is going to get that reference.


Bowler Hat


"Hickory trickery, Mice and Bats
Sores and boils, alley rats
Father and mother put out the cat
and run from a kid with a bowler hat

Double Trouble, toil and shrew
make you do housework, make you eat stew
Mother and Father and bubbling brew
the bowler hat kid is coming for you

Bell Book and candle, beetle and bark
toad in a pond and song of a lark
say it three times and then it will start
the kid with the bowler hat waits in the dark"

- Old Children's Rhyme


Mr. Black

"In fields down low

or high on a hill

the carnival comes

and goes at will

A spider whispers

inside your ear

that Mr. Black

knows what you fear

Where shadows walk

and change their shape

you'll soon find out

there's no escape

For when you scream

he takes you back

then you belong

to Mr. Black"

-Old Children's Sing-Song

A man with burning face and arm in fire

Stories of Mr. Black go back ages, though sometimes he is referred to by different names. The tales themselves are as variant in tone as they are in mythos. From one paranormal website or mythology blog to the next, and ancient tales from several cultures, Mr. Black has been painted as everything from a harbinger of darkness to a playful trickster spirit. But as divergent as his legends and purposes are, several elements remain constant;

Mr. Black is an avatar, or migrating spirit, who takes up residence in a host's body. He usually looks for artists or craftsman, those with talents he can use to achieve his aims. He seeks out those who have been weakened or ill, and offers them a bargain in return for using them as a vessel. He uses the symbiosis between their talents and his magic to try to rebuild his Black Carnival; a dark festival of fear and imagination, where countless nightmares come to life out of the Dark Reach. The carnival will pay his debt long owed in screams.

Nightfall Orphanage is just the beginning.




The echoes of Nightfall Orphanage do not appear in the Dark Reach with a simple wave of the hand or simple second rate magic. It takes the hard work of talented and creative people. We call them Nightmakers.

Aleister  Emmet Nightfall
Purveyor of Nightmares & Dreams

Aleister Nightfall is the man behind the dark curtain. HIs vicious cocktail of imagination, magic and alchemy grinds the ghoulish gears of The Radiant Twilight. But it is only working in synergy with a talented and dedicated team that the nightmarish echoes of The Radiant Twilight can truly be brought to life. Aleister believes that the strength or weakness of any worthwhile endeavor rests in the people that stand beside you.

“Timore ibi libertas" or “In fear, Liberty” are the watchwords of Aleister Nightfall. There is as much truth to find in the darkness, as there is in the light. As much to seek and to find in nightmares as in dreams.

In 2015 Aleister was prescribed the antibiotic Levaquin which damaged his mitochondria and neuromuscular system. If you do not know him and saw only his work, you would never know that he suffers from severe chronic pain. Prior to his illness Aleister was very active; He practiced Martial arts, enjoyed world travel (including in North Korea), and had worked in the Halloween Industry for 20 years. Nightfall Orphanage is part of the long road ahead, to reclaim what was taken from him by illness.

"Seek your nature not in darkness, nor in light, but in that perfect twilight of the soul to which we should be bound"

- A.E. Nightfall


"Chainsaw" Gilmore

Cruise Director

Bloody zombie killer with a chainsaw is

“Chainsaw” is a senior product manager at Amazon, but that doesn't mean she isn't a good person or believes in subjugation and oppression. Also known as “Cruise Director,” she makes sure Aleister and the rest of the team don’t blow up the world or destroy the local economy. She got her masters in Primatology in Oxford, wrote a dissertation on Orangutan communication, and worked with them in the wilds of Sumatra.

Shawn of the Dead


Image by Clint Bustrillos

Shawn knows how things work. Trapped in the 8th dimension for over a decade, Shawn was able to distill the ancient Sumerian texts of universal working, which allows him to design and build some really cool stuff that makes crap work. You probably won't ever see the stuff he has designed, because that's the point, but it's there in the Dark Reach…stalking you. He enjoys combat glowstick juggling, sand swimming, breeding face-huggers, and lending money to wayward fishmongers living in landlocked states.

Atticus Nightfall

Possessed boy with black gunk coming out

Atticus is the prodigal Hellspawn of Aleister Black. He grew up around Special Effects Make-up and Halloween as a necessity but was always allowed to decide on his own when he was ready to watch scarier movies, use special effects make-up, and claim his Halloween birth right. He practices martial arts, plays video games, is by some strange miracle good at math, and has a very strong sense of social justice. He believes in teamwork, helping others, and doing the right thing (most of the time). This is despite the fact that he keeps leaving the house late at night with a Red Lightsaber while muttering under his breath something about “rebel scum.”

He does not believe in cleaning his @$%#! room.

"Dandelion" David


Dandelion Leaves

Dandelion graduated with a degree in unified field physical engineering where he received an award for chemically reshaping the cosmos to match his wallpaper. He is an avid collector of left socks, and believes furniture makes people soft. He lives a spartan existence in a world called Thume, which apparently has a magical entry portal in his mother's basement. He enjoys the occasional joke.  

Crazy Halloween Lady


Image by freestocks.org

Crazy Halloween Lady can basically redo your kitchen & bathroom using only what you find at a 99 cent store. She can also sew like the wind just like the old woman in “Three Amigos.” If its in the Reach and it has a stitch she probably had her hands on it. She also makes sure none of us lose a finger when none of us know what the @%$#& we are doing.

Tony "Satony" Loverti

Carpenter at Work

The constructs and artifacts of The Radiant Twilight take dedication and skill. Much of the architecture that diligently retain the echos of Nightfall Orphanage were built and erected by Tony. He is the carpenter, tradesman and Home Depot sage.

Ian Davis


Ian is the right man to have around when you are in the bind. Like when you have had too much cheese, he is the existential prune juice that keeps you moving along. He is a wanderer, but he is not lost.

The denizens and spirits of the Radiant Twilight are often the work of talented outside artists, whose skill and knowledge is only overshadowed by their passion. As we grow we are always looking for thrilling new frights and phantasms from creators who dwell in the realms of night.

Night Frights


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It is the moral imperative of all those who can do good, to do good

Keep Watch over those in your care

Protect those that cannot protect themselves

Leave no one behind

Do what is right, over what is easy

Speak the truth

Learn all you can, Teach all you know

Above all Else: